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MLA Citation Generator

The MLA citation generator is an online utility designed to automatically generate and format
your citations according to rules, specifications, and guidelines established by the
MLA style. If you are writing an essay, a thesis, or a research paper about literature and the
arts, which many know involves a lot of organized research work, your instructor will
likely require you to include a works cited page, which contains all of the sources and
references that you have consulted or taken from other works.

Using this utility is simple and easy. First, you need to select the medium of your source
(a novel or an encyclopedia, for example), fill out the required forms with the required
bibliographic elements (such as the author’s complete name, the work’s title, the date of
publication, the publisher, and other relevant publication details), and click on the enter
button. After which your citation will be generated and formatted instantly, saving you time
and getting rid of the trouble and hassle of consulting style manuals for each individual

The MLA citation generator also has a search function that allows you to do a quick
search of commonly used research sources, such as books, websites, journals, newspapers,
and magazines. This feature only requires you to enter a book’s ISBN (International
Standard Book Number), a website’s complete working URL, or the complete article titles
of journals, newspapers, and magazines, into the form and the utility show search results in
a matter of seconds.

Once you reference has been generated, all you have to do is to copy and paste it into the
works cited page of your essay and arrange them in alphabetical order by the authors’ last
names. Remember to review the results for typography and accuracy of your citations.

As with the whole format of your paper, your works cited page must be uniformly typed
and printed out on a standard sized 8.5 inches x 11 inches paper (the letter size option in
your word processor), with margins set to 1 inch on all sides. This whole list is double
spaced, and uses the same typeface and font size that you have used in the main body of
your text (for example, Arial, sized 12). The MLA style recommends using the Times New
Roman font, but you need to always follow your instructor’s specifications. In addition to
these guidelines, all citation entries in the works cited page must follow the hanging
indentation format. For example, the second and subsequent lines of a citation are indented
by five spaces more than the first line. You can do this by pressing the tab key of your
keyboard, instead of pressing the space bar five times.


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